China's 20th 052D Ship Replaced with New Anti-Hidden Radar or Carried Shipborne Direct 20

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Recently, China launched its 19th and 20th 052D destroyers. As an outdated net-red warship, the wind heads of 052D seem to have been stolen by 055 destroyers. But these two 052D destroyers are quite different. The remote warning radar at the rear of the hull will be replaced by anti-stealth radar. Although the shape seems backward, they have the ability to detect stealth fighters, and the carrier-based helicopter may also have surprises. What are the special features of destroyers? How will it be upgraded in the future?

052D is the highest production model of 052 series destroyers, with a drainage of 7000 tons, carrying 346A phased array radar. The warhead has 64 units of vertical launching system. It has the ability to load Haihongqi 9 long-range air defense missile and hawk 18 supersonic anti-ship missile. It can be said that 052D is the backbone of China's sea-based anti-missile. In addition, compared with 052C, there are 24 units of Haihongqi 10 air defense missile installed above the hangar. To enhance the short-range air defense capability of warships, how does 055 occupy the position of 052D Red Warship?

The first ship of 055 is Nanchang 101. It carries dual-band phased array radar with a drainage of 12.5 million tons. Compared with 052D, it has a 40% increase. 101 has 112 units vertical launching system. Compared with 052D, it also has an increase of 43%. Another 055 is the first 10,000-ton destroyer in China. Its sustained combat capability exceeds 052C and 052D. So 055 rolled 052C with its strength and then became a net red warship. The two 052D helicopters, however, are linked to the straight 20 helicopter, and are likely to regain the throne of the Redwarship.