A former Tencent employee said that his monthly salary did not reach 70,000, but he got more than hi

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Tencent released its 19-year Q1 earnings last night (May 15). It contains data that Tencent currently employs 54.6 million people, with a total salary cost of 11.116 billion yuan. As a result, today the whole network is saying, "In the first quarter of 2019, Tencent employees were paid an average of 709,000 yuan a month."

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This "average" algorithm, which divides the total by the number, is laughed at by many Tencent employees as "average". In addition to salary, social security, provident fund, employee welfare and so on, the human cost of the enterprise may also include snack drinks and night snacks in your office.

In addition, Tencent's annual end-of-year awards are awarded after January. If the bonus package of the annual end-of-year awards is also included in Q1, the average of 70,000 will be even more humid. Most of Tencent's front-line employees are less than 70,000.

As an Internet giant, Tencent's salary is relatively high in the industry.

Work, in addition to the "sense of job" that salary can bring, can let a person constantly get input and promotion of the "sense of growth", with good platform and rich resources to achieve a major "sense of achievement", as well as the colleagues who work together every day are professional and dedicated people, are part of the welfare. People who have met many "pig mates" in their work will feel more about this.


Tencent's six-year salary increase experience:

Job transfer 3 times, income is surprising

Many years ago, before I joined Tencent, HR asked me how much salary I wanted, and I reported my tabloid salary. HR smiled. Later, when OFFER came down, I was paid twice as much as I wanted. Internet companies have higher pay bandwidth than traditional media. Big HR in recruitment, there are strict professional norms, not because you want less routine you.

It's very painful to change careers because you make mistakes frequently. In the business group will be criticized, will be wronged at first, and then for a long time, found that the Internet rhythm is fast, no time glass heart. The information flow in the business group is very fast, and the boss just talks about the matter, let alone the matter.


Well done. It will receive a wide range of awards. In terms of income, the company will pay you money. Behind every rough medal and little red flag, there will be more year-end prizes and bonus packages. Tencent's five-star employees (5%) for several consecutive years at first found that besides more year-end bonuses, the next year's salary increase would also increase.  Tencent's salary increase is 8% to 12%, but the range is fluctuating. When I was in Tencent, my boss gave me dozens of percent more. In addition to good performance, it may also be due to the low base.

In Tencent's six years, a total of three job transfers. They correspond to the work from operation, channel and product category. The transfer mechanism is smooth. Just take an email confirmation from leader on both sides. The rest of the process HR will help. In this process, I have not seen HR real people, and do not need tedious communication and interviews. They silently help with everything in the process in a companionate way.

transfer to a new post

Transfer will delay promotion and salary increase. Generally, you can't apply for promotion within half a year of transfer, and you can resume your application after one year of familiarity with new business. Although job transfer can affect income, in this process, the growth of personal gains can not be measured by a single standard. Most of my transfers have been helped by my employer, for example, by giving you a few months to get acquainted with the business from scratch.

Of course, there are teams that don't want to give you time to study. They are too busy to keep pace. Or the direct supervisor himself does not want manpower, and is forced to accept manpower to comply with the needs of corporate restructuring, when the individual has to adapt quickly. Either stay or leave.