CCTV quick commentary: promoting the construction of the "one belt and one road"

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Everything grows in spring, and the rain falls in early summer. We welcome the second "one belt and one road" summit of international cooperation in this summer. This is the second time since 2017, leaders and guests from all over the world have gathered in Beijing once again to promote the joint development of the "one belt and one road" and to build a community of human destiny.


Looking back from the historical tunnel, in 2013, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan and Indonesia, he put forward a great proposal to build the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century", which caused widespread resonance in the world, thus spreading the magnificent picture of "one belt and one road" and opening a new chapter in building the community of human destiny.

The "one belt and one road" initiative originated from China and belongs to the world. Today, with the joint efforts of all parties, the "one belt and one way" has become an open and inclusive platform for international cooperation and a popular global public product. We can see that Vietnam estuary, wet Southeast Asian monsoon blowing, China-Vietnam metre track is busy; thousands of kilometers away, Erlianhot railway freight yard loading and unloading copper powder from Mongolia; looking west, Central Europe Banlie a long song into the ancient city of Budapest... This is a vivid and vivid "New Silk Road" interaction map, which is painted by the "one belt and one road" initiative


Walk alone fast, walk far. In the past 6 years, all countries along the belt have been guided by the principle of sharing and sharing, and guided by the spirit of the Silk Road, which is peaceful, cooperative, open, inclusive, mutual learning and mutual benefit, has continued to strengthen policy communication, facilities interconnection, trade flow, financial integration and popular support. Achievements: from 2013 to 2018, the total import and export volume of goods and trade between China and the countries along the border exceeded 6 trillion US dollars, and the direct investment of Chinese enterprises to the countries along the border exceeded US $90 billion, and the turnover of foreign contracted projects in the countries along the border exceeded US $400 billion. The 279 concrete achievements of the first "one belt and one way" International Cooperation summit held in 2017 have been fully implemented.

The "one belt and one road" initiative is deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of thousands of years. It contains chairman Xi Jinping's deep thinking on the fate of mankind. Gathering people's wisdom, based on the principles of consultation, co-construction and sharing, aiming at building a community of destiny and a community of interests, has won the recognition of the countries along the line rapidly; uniting forces, with the concept of openness and tolerance, have interpreted the connotation of multilateralism and nurtured infinite vitality and vitality; seeking win-win results, and have walked out of the traditional geopolitical stereotype and the dilemma of "zero-sum game" between countries, and explored. To seek new international relations of mutual benefit and reciprocity and strive to build a large family of harmonious coexistence.


Intersection of benefit, benefit is scattered; Intersection of heart, steady and far-reaching. In the past 6 years, from the "great freehand brushwork" of the layout of the layout to the meticulous meticulous painting, the construction of "one belt and one road" has been transformed into a high quality development, with both large-scale international cooperation projects on the "tall and large scale" and the "small and beautiful" people's livelihood infrastructure. By the end of March 2019, the Chinese Government had signed 173 cooperation documents with 125 countries and 29 international organizations. With the increasing participation and recognition of initiatives in various countries, the "one belt and one road" circle of friends is expanding, which further demonstrates strong vitality and creativity. The construction of "one belt and one road" is a great undertaking and requires great practice. We expect that this grand event will provide a new impetus for promoting the construction of the "one belt and one road" and building a community of human destiny. China and the rest of the world will draw a new blueprint of "one belt and one road", which will create a broader and wider road.